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Consumer/Student Information

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Trainings on Alcohol and Drug Abuse are provided in each student's Safe College account. Find more information at

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Voter Registration Notice (for Illinois & Indiana Residents):

Under Reauthorization of the Higher Education Amendments, institutions who receive Title IV funding must make a “good faith” effort to inform their Degree seeking students of voter’s registration information. DACC provides its student population with voter’s information in a number of ways:

  1. Voter’s Registration information is available in the Student Handbook issued to each student with his or her Student ID Cards.
  2. Voter’s Registration Information is provided in the annual student mailing, posted on bulletin boards (traditional and electronic), and displayed in campus kiosks. Also, the State of Illinois Pamphlets outlining Voters Information is available in the kiosk in the Financial Aid Office.

Students can follow the links below to their respective state’s website. The sites provide information on how to become a registered voter:

*Contact DACC Information Office for persons who can assist with the information noted above.