Community Education

Community Education

The Community Education department is dedicated to enhancing and enriching the lives of community members by offering courses, workshops, seminars, tours, conferences, and other activities. Community Education is focused on providing experiences, knowledge, and information to the general public at an affordable cost. The goal of Community Education is to provide opportunities for individuals to explore new areas of interest, brush up on skills, and to develop employable skills that are needed and desired by employers located within the general college district area.



This class walks you through the process of learning each key and proper hand/finger placement to help you in becoming a successful typist. This class is for all levels and is delivered in a self-paced atmosphere. Students are welcome to come in and work around their schedule. You can work on this class at home through the Internet or come in to use the computer lab in the mall.

For Beginners Only

If you have little or no computer experience, this is the course for you. Topics include: terminology (learning the lingo) and components of a computer system. Hands-on lessons give students experience with basic windows system operations such as creating and saving files. Basic word processing, email and surfing the web are included. Hands-on demo includes digital photos, flash drives, and email.


The course will give students a thorough understanding of the features of Microsoft Word. Students will be able to create, edit, format and print Word documents that include outlines, tables, styles and sections. Other essential topics including printing, saving and retrieving files. Students will create a newsletter that uses columns, drawings and object linking and embedding.


This course will give students a working knowledge of electronic spreadsheets. Students will be able to create and format Excel spreadsheets that include charts and multiple worksheets. Students will be able to create and execute formulas and do calculations with ease by using the Excel functions. Data sorting and manipulation are also covered. Students will learn to work with the Workgroup features of Excel. Students will learn to import data into an Excel spreadsheet and will work with the data using the data management functions of Excel.


This course will give students a working knowledge of databases. Students will learn to view data in a database and change the view by sorting and filtering the data. Create a database and learn to define forms for inputs and reports for summarizing the data, learn how to create queries to view a subset of data in that database. Students will create charts to display data and a switchboard to manage their database application and create relational databases. Students will learn to create forms, queries, import and export data and reports that use rational databases and they will learn to build macros in Access.


Discover the enhanced features of Power- Point 2007 and use these to quickly create eye-catching presentations. Explore the possibilities available with the new layouts, themes, galleries, and background styles. Practice using the ribbon, contextual tabs live preview and dialog box launcher when creating and modifying presentations. Use the new Smart Art feature to dramatically present your information.


Beginner Golf

This is for golfers who want to learn and improve several areas of their golf game. Class includes: grip, stance, back swing, down swing, following through, and finish position. Rules of the game and golf etiquette are also covered.

Boot Camp

This course will help students get into shape, reduce stress, increase energy, and build confidence. In Boot Camp Fitness students will learn how to properly warm up and cool down, exercise at high intensity using calisthenics, plyometrics, strength workouts, dumbbells, medicine balls, agility ladders, obstacle courses and much more.


This class offers knowledge and skills to keep fit for life. In particular, this class introduces the values and skills of Hatha Yoga (Yoga of exercise) to the beginning student and offers opportunities to expand knowledge, applications and skills in routines for the experienced student. A typical class will include breathing techniques, meditation, chanting, and asana practice, including standing, balancing, and inverted poses. Students are encouraged to understand their own limitations and work within their bounds.

Tai Chi & Qigong for Health - Part 1

Tai Chi & Qigong for Health (Tie chee - chee gung) program is an introductory class to both Tai Chi and Qigong. It is for beginners and incorporates gentle movements, breathing techniques and focused intention to improve flexibility, balance, and overall fitness. And for individuals who may want to begin a program for stress reduction, increased immunity. Sun style tai chi, taught in this program, uses very low-impact, fully upright postures. Students should wear loose fitting clothing and flat rubber soled shoes.

Tai Chi For Arthritis and Fall Prevention - Part 2

Part 2 is a sequel to the program. It is ideal for those who have completed Part 1 and are looking for a more challenging course. (Part 1 is prerequisite to enrolling in Part 2) Tai Chi for Arthritis is designed for all ages and is appropriate for individuals not affected by arthritis who may want to begin a program for stress reduction, increased immunity, and is mildly aerobic. The Eight Pieces of Brocade qigong (chee goong) set will be introduced as the warm up to the second Part. Students should wear loose fitting clothing and flat rubber soled shoes.

Ballroom Basics

Shall we dance? Don’t sit on the sidelines when you can be enjoying all of the fun on the dance floor. This course will cover the basics of ballroom dancing. You will learn the fundamentals of the Foxtrot, Swing, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Rumba and Two Step. Remember, if you can walk - you can dance. Partner required.


Food Service License

This course is designed to prepare food service employees to meet the Illinois certification requirement. Topics include: food-borne disease, facilities, equipment, personal hygiene, & inspection techniques. The exam will be given at the last class meeting. Attendance is a must! Supplies needed: Code book & ServeSafe book, 6th Edition, by the National Restaurant Association. Textbook and code book can be purchased at DACC.


Grant Writing 101

Introductory Course to Basic Grant Writing. Participants will learn to speak the language, identify potential funding sources, understand the different types of proposals, understand the proposal process, identify the basic elements of a proposal, develop a budget, and avoid common mistakes. Proposal critiques will be provided upon request.

Grant Writing 102

An advanced course that builds upon the foundation laid by Grant Writing 101. Participants will learn more grant terminology, find grant opportunities, review program announcements, develop a problem statement/ needs assessment, write goals and objectives, and develop complex budgets. Participants will review a sample proposal, Memorandum of Understanding, etc. Proposal critiques will be provided upon request. Prerequisite: Grant Writing 101.



Beginner, intermediate and advanced students are all WELCOME! Throw functional pots, throw bowls, plates and cups. Clay and some glazes provided.

Crocheting for Beginners

Stop thinking this was an art done by our moms, grandmothers, and great grandmothers. Let’s bring this dying art back into our lives by starting a new hobby. Learn all the different stitches, concepts, hooks, and terms. Supplies included.

Intermediate Crocheting

Do you know the very basics of crocheting or have you already taken the beginner crocheting class? Then this class is the next step. Learn more advanced stitches and concepts. Supplies included.

Knitting for Beginners

Learn to knit and begin your very first project. Learn different patterns, concepts, needles, and terms. You will be given a supply list upon registration. Leave class with a finished project and the ability to start many more.


Dog Obedience

The beginner’s class is for dogs that have not attended a prior class with DACC. Handlers should wear comfortable shoes. Dogs MUST be current on all shots including bordetella for kennel cough. Dogs should have 6 foot leash and a collar on. Types of training collars will be discussed the first night of class. The focus will be on commands for correct heeling, sit, down, stand, come, and stay.


Photography the Basics

This course of study introduces the student to the use and handling of a camera; a working knowledge of film and digital imaging; the basic elements of a photograph; an understanding of lighting, both natural and artificial (Flash); basic portrait lighting and posing; and the care, storage, and display of printed photographs as well as digital images. A camera either digital or film is required.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0

PhotoShop Elements is a program that comes with many new digital cameras and scanners. It can perform many of the functions that the more expensive PhotoShop CS4 can do, but is more user friendly to amateur artists and photographers. The class will teach how to view and organize, fix, edit, and enhance photos, and produce photo creations and composites.

Photography II – Introduction to Professional Photography

This course of study introduces the student to the basics of studio and commercial photography. Classes will explore photojournalism, studio photography, commercial advertising photography and scenic art photography. Weekly photo assignments and photo critiques are a part of the curriculum. A camera, either digital or film, is required. Prerequisite - Photography 1 - “The Basics” or permission of the instructor.


ACT and SAT College Testing Preparation Class

Get a jump start on your preparation for the ACT and/or SAT or work at improving your score. A strong performance on the college entrance exams can make a difference in gaining admittance to, or receiving financial aid for your top college choices.

ACT : six weeks

two English, one math, one science, two days of pre and post-tests

SAT : six weeks

two English, two math, two days of pre and post-tests (no science on SAT)

Understanding College Testing

This FREE workshop has been develop for parents of high school students who are looking for answers about college entrance exams. The State of Illinois recently changed to the SAT requiring high schools to administer the SAT rather than the ACT. What does this mean for your student? Will colleges and universities still accept the ACT? Not sure about understanding scores and what the difference is between the two tests? What are the advantages of taking an ACT/SAT preparation class? Get the answers to all these questions and more.

College Readiness

Do you think you’re fully prepared to enter college? Are you ready for the demands and the freedom of college life, do you have the study skills and work ethic? This class will help you understand what it takes to be successful in college. Learn what you have to do in high school to prepare for success in college. You also learn about the college admission process, the ACT and SAT tests, and financial aid including information on filling out the FAFSA and applying for scholarships.


Custodial Technician Training

This course will prepare students to enter the custodial profession. Participants in this class will learn about all aspects of cleaning duties including: general office cleaning, daily restroom cleaning, restroom deep cleaning and restoration, daily hard floor maintenance, carpet care, and preventative maintenance. There will also be a heavy emphasis on the safety aspect for custodians.


Floral Design

Discover basic principles and elements of professional floral design. Step-by-step instruction will teach you how to work with fresh flowers and the tools of the trade. Specific classes will be offered each semester depending on the season and holiday. Every class includes individualized hands-on creativity. Every participant will leave with their own floral arrangement.


College for Kids

The College for Kids program offers enrichment activities for kids ages 8-18. The courses offered are developed to enhance and expose area youth to areas that will build character, enhance skills, and develop a broad range of knowledge that will help them transform into productive, educated citizens within our community. College for Kids includes the following program:

  • Summer Enrichment Program
  • First Gig Rock Camp
  • Studio 101: Art Camp
  • Culinary Kids


Boomers and Seniors

These workshops are specifically designed for mature members of the community. They focus on technology, staying active, and mentally sharp. Workshops include: lunch and learns, basic computers, email, smart phone (Android and iPad), tablets, Tai Chi, Qigong). Special pricing is also given to all the workshops.

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