Associate Degrees

Associate Degrees

To help the student achieve an organized plan of study in higher education, and to provide greater depth in the student’s field of major interests and more breadth in general knowledge, Danville Area Community College offers the following Associate Degree programs: Associate in Fine Arts in Art, Associate in Fine Arts in Art Education, Associate in Science, Associate in Arts, Associate in Engineering Science, Associate in General Studies and Associate in Applied Science.

Students desiring to qualify for the Associate Degree must present a total of at least sixty hours of degree credit including transferred credit. A cumulative grade average of 2.0 is required for all degree courses completed.

A student wishing to graduate from DACC may choose to meet the graduation requirements stated in the catalog in effect during the student’s initial enrollment at DACC or those requirements stated in the current catalog at the time of their graduation. If a student has a break in enrollment of six consecutive terms (including summers), it shall mean that the student must meet degree requirements in the catalog published at the time of re-enrollment or those requirements stated in the current catalog at the time of their graduation.

It is anticipated that a student will complete an associate degree within five years of initial enrollment. Vocational courses that are outdated (5 years or more) must be reviewed by the Division Dean to determine if the course is still applicable to this desired degree. Those courses determined inapplicable must be repeated at the student’s expense.

Students must complete INST 101, Success in College. An appeal of this requirement may be made through your counselor or advisor, to the Registrar. This appeal should be made before the completion of a student's first 25 hours at Danville Area Community College.

Not more than forty-five hours will be accepted by transfer and approved testing toward degree requirements.

Candidates for a degree must clear all school obligations and file an application for graduation at the time he/ she has earned 45 or more semester hours.

A student may earn a second Associate Degree by completing an additional 24 semester hours of degree credit and by fulfilling the requirements for the degree. The grade point average for the additional hours must be at least 2.0.