Danville Area Community College has an open-door admission policy. The College admits all students qualified to complete any of its programs including transfer, career, basic skills, and Corporate and Community Education provided space is available. When adequate space is not available, the College will admit those students who are best qualified, giving preference to students residing in Community College District #507.

Many DACC classes require placement testing prior to enrollment to demonstrate academic readiness at designated skill levels to support academic achievement. Therefore, most new students and all students enrolling in classes with prerequisite skill proficiencies are required to present ACT or SAT scores, or participate in the college's placement program. Students may register to take placement tests by calling the Testing and Academic Services Center, 217-443-8708.

General Admission Requirements

Admission is open to anyone who meets the following requirement(s):

  1. Has earned a High School Diploma or High Schol Equivalency (HSE) Diploma

Any student under the age of sixteen years of age may be enrolled upon meeting the following criteria:

  1. Taking the college's placement exam or providing ACT or SAT scores for proper placement.
  2. A signed letter of approval from a school official (principal, guidance counselor).
  3. Approval from DACC Director of Admissions and Records.
  4. Approval of the instructor.

Please Note: Parents should be aware that their student may be exposed to mature and/or controversial topics and conversations, not only within some classes, but also within the general college environment.

Registration Procedures

  1. Speak to an Admissions Specialist. Don't start off on the wrong foot! Every student comes to the college with different backgrounds. Visit, call or email our Admissions office to find out the admission/registration steps that are right for you. Our Admissions Specialists can be reached at or 217-443-8800 or 217-443-8802.
  2. Fill out our Student Information Form/Application. Forms can be found in the Admissions Office (Vermilion Hall) or on the DACC website at Student Information Form/Application for US Citizens and a Pre-Application for International Students (for those who need a student visa). International Students can find the Pre-Application at
  3. New Student Orientation. Any new, transfer, or returning student who has not attended DACC in the last 5 years must complete a Student Orientation either on campus or online. To sign up for a New Student Orientation by calling 217-443-3222 or stop by the Information Office in Vermilion Hall. More orientation information can be found at
  4. Records. Request each institution send your official records directly to “Official” records include: high school, GED, previously attended college/university, and military transcripts plus CLEP & AP scores, or other education records that could affect your enrollment at DACC for financial aid purposes, etc.
  5. Placement/Assessment Testing. Appointments may be made by calling the Testing and Academic Services Center at 217-443-8708 or schedule an appointment online at To ensure student success, DACC has established levels of reading, writing, and math that are required for various courses and/or programs. To measure each student’s skill level, DACC utilizes multiple placement measures to ensure appropriate and timely course placement. Examples of course placement tools include ACT and SAT scores, high school course completions and/or grade point averages within the last 2 years; high school equivalency exam scores, and our proctored placement tools, ALEKS for math placement, Accuplacer/Writeplacer for ready and writing.

Please note the following rules/exceptions in regard to placement testing:

  • Returning Students: If you did not complete a math or English course in previous semesters, you will probably be required to complete the placement test depending on the course(s)/programs you plan to enroll in at DACC. Please consult with an Admissions Specialist or Academic Advisor for advice.
  • Transfer Students: Submitting an official copy of your transfer credit may meet the placement requirements. Please consult with an Admissions Specialist or Academic Advisor for further recommendations. However, assessments are required if you have not taken an English or math at your previous college.
  • Non-Certificate/Degree Seeking Students: Students who are not degree seeking and are taking a course (or courses) for personal enrichment only will not be required to meet course prerequisites and the course (or courses) must be audited. If the student changes to degree seeking in the future, the course(s) taken without meeting the prerequisites may not be recognized by DACC or transfer institutions for degree credit.
  • Foreign-Language Placement: Students who have additional Spanish or French language skills or who have completed foreign language coursework in high school, should take the Foreign Language Placement Test for proper course placement.
  • Allied-Health Program Note: Many Allied Health programs require math scores or credit to be taken/General Information earned within 5 years of the start date of the major-specific coursework.
  • Some assessments can be completed off campus at pre-approved testing center. Call the Assessment center for more information.
  1. Register for Classes. New full and part-time students are required to meet with a DACC Academic Advisor or Counselor to set up an educational plan of study.

    1. Full-time and/or Advisement Needed: Students who want to register for 12 or more credit hours (full-time) or who are working toward a certificate or degree must meet with an Academic Advisor in Lincoln Hall by making an appointment by calling 217-443-8750.
    2. Part-time & Advisement Not Needed: Students who plan to attend part-time (less than 11 credit hours in Fall & Spring, less than 7 hours in the Summer), may register through the admissions Office in Vermilion Hall or by calling 217-443-8800 or 217-443-8802.
    3. Dual Credit Students: Dual credit programs are offered for junior and senior high school students to take college-level courses and receive college and high school credits. The completed courses and grades are recorded on both the high school transcript and college transcript. The courses must be approved by the high school in advance. High School Counselors start the process by filling out the Dual Credit High School Permission for Enrollment at Danville Area Community College. Our Admissions Specialists can be reached at or 217-443-8800 or 217-443-8802.
  2. Picture ID Cards: Once registered, DACC students must obtain their Picture ID Card. Students may do this in the Information Office (Vermilion Hall). Please note, DACC Picture ID Cards are required to charge bookstore items to your account and to perform other business transactions on campus (schedule changes, cashier, financial aid, etc.). Your first DACC Picture ID is FREE. Replacement DACC Picture ID is a $5 charge.
  3. Schedules & Bill Statements: Students will retrieve their schedules, tuition bills, and various other information and/or services online through the myDACC/Self Service Portal. Access to computers will be available on the DACC campus in Lincoln Hall.

Note: You may apply for financial aid (by completing the FAFSA) as you work on Steps 1 through 5 above.

Online Classes

DACC offers more than 100 online courses in Transfer, Career, and Basic Skills programs. The Higher Learning Commission has granted for DACC to offer any of its degrees and certificate programs online. At this time the Accounting and Marketing Applied Science Degrees are available online. The Associate of Arts (AA) and the Associate in General Studies (AGS) can also be completed online.

DACC offers Online Learning Orientation (INST110) sessions to acquaint potential students with the possibilities presented by the virtual classroom. Face-to-face and online formats are offered. Participants will be introduced to the world of online learning and prepared to take an online course at DACC. Learn what is expected of online students and the key characteristics of good online learners. INST110 Online Learning Orientation is mandatory for all students registering for their first online course.

The orientation focuses on technical and practical issues, such as:

  • Technical preparations
  • Accessing technical support
  • Getting your ID and Password
  • Contacting the instructor
  • Logging into BlackBoard and other course interfaces
  • Course navigation
  • Class communication methods
  • And much more!

Call (217) 443-8800 for more information or to register for one of the sessions. Orientation sessions are designed to make the transition to the virtual classroom a hassle free and enjoyable experience. Explore the endless possibilities at DACC, and make the most of these virtual learning opportunities.

Selective Admission Programs

A few of the programs offered at Danville Area Community College have a selective admission process that is separate from admission to DACC. These Selective Admission programs have additional application and qualification requirements. It is important to note that these programs also have early application deadlines. If you are interested in the following programs, you will need to contact a program director as early as possible. The following programs require specialized admission:

  • Echocardiography Advanced Certificate
  • Health Information Technology Certificate and AAS
  • Nursing AAS
  • Radiologic Technology AAS
  • Sonography, Diagnostic Medical Advanced Certificate
  • Tractor Trailer Certificate

Admission Requirements for Baccalaureate-Oriented Curricula

Minimum entrance requirements for Associate in Science, Associate in Arts, Associate in Engineering Science, Associate in Fine Arts in Art and Associate in Fine Arts in Art Education Degree Programs. Public Act 86-0954 requires all community colleges providing baccalaureate-oriented degree programs to establish and have in effect by the Fall of 1993 minimum entrance requirements comparable to those of the state universities. Danville Area Community College’s minimum entrance requirements, effective Fall Term 1993, for enrollment in an AS, AA or AES degree program for students entering the college for the first time, re-entering the college after an absence of more than two years, or whose last term of enrollment was in a vocational program of study are as follows:

High School Subjects Years of Course Work Explanatory Notes
English 4 Written and oral communications, and literature
Mathematics 3 Introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or fundamentals of computer programming
Science 3 Laboratory sciences
Social Science 2 Emphasizing history & government
Electives 2 Foreign language, music, art, or vocational education
Flexible Academic Units 2 Additional course work from any of the five described high school subject areas

Effective Fall Term 1993 and each term thereafter, students entering the college for the first time, re-entering after an absence of more than two years, or whose last term of enrollment was in a vocational program of study, and who are enrolling in an AA, AS, AFA, AFAE or an ASE degree program will be admitted in one of two categories; Fully-Admitted or Provisionally-Admitted.


  • students who have earned a high school diploma and who meet the minimum subject specific requirements in English and Math or who place through the College’s assessment and placement testing into:

    • Rhetoric 101 or above (AA, AS, AFA, AFAE and ASE)
    • Math 115, Survey of Statistics or higher level of difficulty
  • and who meet the minimum subject specific requirements in science, social studies, electives, and flexible academic units
  • students who have been enrolled in a vocational program of study at DACC who have earned twenty-six (26) or more semester credit hours and who are in Academic Good Standing
  • students who transfer to the college from another institution of higher education who have earned twenty-six (26) or more semester credit hours and are in good standing according to DACC’s Academic Standards of Progress.


  • students who do not meet the minimum subject specific requirements or the placement testing criteria as described for Fully-Admitted status
  • students who do not submit a high school transcript or credentials which can be evaluated with respect to the subject specific requirements
  • students who have been in a vocational program of study, have earned fewer than twenty-six (26) semester credit hours, and who have not met the standards as described in the following section for upgrading Provisionally-Admitted status to Fully-Admitted status
  • students who transfer to the college from another institution of higher education with fewer than twenty-six (26) earned semester hours and who have not met the standards as described in the following section for upgrading Provisionally-Admitted status to Fully-Admitted status

Provisionally-Admitted Students may upgrade their status to Fully-Admitted at the time the following standards have been met:

  • the student has earned fifteen (15) semester credit hours, is in Academic Good Standing, and has earned credit in each of the following subject specific areas:

    • ENGL 101 - Rhetoric
    • Math 115 - Survey of Statistics, MATH 116 - Mathematics in Society or math of higher level of difficulty
    • One general education Lab Science elective
    • One general education Social Science elective
    • One general education. Humanities elective, or one general education Human Well-Being elective, or one baccalaureate-oriented elective

Admission Requirements for Career-Oriented Curricula

Minimum entrance requirements for Certificate, Associate in Applied Science Degree Programs and Associate in General Studies Programs are the same as described under the heading of General Admission Requirements.

Transfer Students

A student who has been enrolled in one or more institutions of higher learning is eligible for admission to Danville Area Community College. The applicant must submit an official transcript from each college previously attended.

Transfer in credit will be considered for the student's declared major/program of study. Undecided students will be evaluated for math and English placement only. Please note, students without a declared major/program of study are not eligible for Federal and/or State student aid consideration.

International Students

This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. An international student is NOT a U.S. citizen.

To be admitted to DACC, an international student shall:

  1. Have completed the equivalent of a high school (secondary) education which normally means the completion of twelve (12) years of schooling;
  2. Demonstrate a mastery of the English language in one of three ways:

    1. with a score of 500 or higher on the paper-based TOEFL;
    2. with a score of 173 or higher on the computer-based TOEFL, or
    3. with a score of 61 or higher on the Internet-based TOEFL
    4. 2.4 IELTS score of 5.5 or higher
  3. Complete a Preliminary Student Information Form for International Students;
  4. Provide official transcripts covering all school work (high school and college) completed with certified English translations. Transcript must show completion/graduation date.
  5. Provide an affidavit stipulating that adequate finances are available for their support while studying in the United States for an entire year.
  6. Copies of your passport, Visa, and I-94 card will be required once you arrive in the U.S.

International students must carry a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours. Nine of the required 12+ credit hours during the fall and spring semesters must be traditional, lecture-based, on-campus courses. Students are not allowed to take all classes in the online course format. It is essential that students from outside the United States have sufficient funds to cover their expenses while in this country.

In addition to the above criteria, international students are accepted on the basis of available space in the various educational programs. Consideration is also given to selecting a diversified international student population to enhance the enrollment of citizens from numerous countries.

Enrollment into courses will be determined by placement test scores and personal evaluations. Students deficient in English language skills must be enrolled in remedial English classes.

Auditing Students

When auditing a class, the student is expected to attend classes regularly, but will not receive grades, take examinations nor receive credit. Qualified students may change from auditing to regular enrollment status during the first two weeks of a twelve-week or longer course or during the first week of a course that meets less than twelve weeks. However, students may not change to auditing status once a class begins. Students auditing a class must pay regular tuition and course fees. Veterans and other eligible persons cannot be certified for audited courses per 38 CFR 21.4252 (I). Financial aid will not pay for an audit.

Former Students

Students who have previously attended Danville Area Community College must submit an updated Student Information Form. If the student has been enrolled in another college in the interim, an official transcript from that institution must be submitted. Former students who have not attended within 5 years will be required to complete a New Student Orientation due to new policies and procedures.