Academic Advisement and Counseling

Academic Advisement and Counseling

Professionally qualified counselors and academic advisors are available for consultation in Lincoln Hall.

One of the primary functions of Academic Advisement and Counseling is to help all students obtain the type of education best adapted to their needs, abilities, and interests. Counselors and academic advisors meet with students to assist them in planning their academic programs and career goals, solving personal concerns, and adjusting to college.

Prior to meeting an Advisor, individuals should complete a New Student Orientation and placement testing (if deemed appropriate by an initial assessment in Admissions).

The New Student Orientation offers new students and parents an opportunity to learn of the mission of the College, goals, programs and services available. It provides an overview of what students can expect from college life also their rights and responsibilities. A tour of the DACC campus is also given to acclimate themselves and become familiar with where their classes may be located.

Students who are pursuing a certificate and/or degree must meet with an Academic Advisor to set up an education plan. If students are not sure of their academic/career goals, they should visit Career Services prior to meeting with an Advisor.

To assist with the transfer from DACC to a four-year institution, the annual College Day is held in September and the State Universities Transfer Day is held in April. Students have the opportunity to obtain first-hand information from college representatives. Transfer admission procedures, evaluation of credits, college costs, financial aid, housing, and other areas of articulation information are available to all participants.

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