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4057.0  Vacation - Classified Staff

Classified Staff on a twelve-month contract shall be entitled to a vacation allowance as follows:

One-half day per month from the date of beginning full-time continuous employment until the first July 1 following one full year of employment.

.916 of a day per month will be earned by employees, per fiscal year, commencing the first July 1 following the completion of one full year of continuous full-time employment.

1.33 days per month will be earned by employees, per fiscal year, commencing the first July 1 following the completion of seven (7) full years of continuous full-time employment.

Employees must obtain supervisory approval prior to the use of vacation and before work assignments begin.

When the College is closed between Christmas Day and New YearÆs Day, those days off are not considered as earned vacation days and are not deducted or included in the annual total.

If a Classified Staff employee is required by the employer to work during the Christmas vacation period, such employee shall earn one floating holiday for each eight (8) hour day actually worked during this period. Furthermore, if said employee works only part of a work day during this period, said employee shall earn a proportionate part of a floating holiday equal to the amount of the work day worked by the employee during this Christmas period.

Employees may accumulate a maximum of thirty (30) days at the end of the fiscal year under the provision of this procedure and may be paid for the number of accumulated, unused and earned vacation days at the time of their termination.

Vacation leave, excepting the Christmas vacation period, must be scheduled and approved through the immediate supervisor.

Vacation leave may be taken by non-probationary employees anytime during the year with approval of the immediate supervisor.


Supervisory approval may be granted in one of two ways:

  1. Employee completing and supervisor approving written Request for Leave/Report of Absence form.
  2. In the event of an emergency, employee contacting and receiving verbal supervisory approval and completing the written Request for Leave/Report of Absence form upon return to work.

Vacation leave may not be taken in increments of less than one hour.

Adopted: 7-28-92
Revised: 3-23-93; 11-11-97; 1-28-03