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4033.0  Leave of Absence Without Pay - Medical Disability

In cases of medical or physical disability, the Board of Trustees may grant a one-year leave of absence without pay to full-time and continuing part-time employees with at least six (6) months of active full-time employment with the College. An employee seeking leave for medical or physical disability must provide acceptable documentation by a doctor or licensed practitioner.

Requests for leave of absence due to medical or physical disability shall be made to the President as soon as possible before the termination of sick leave when it appears that the disability will extend beyond that period.

Unless stipulated in writing at the time a request for leave is approved by the Board, the College in granting a leave of absence implies that the employee will be returned to a position which the College determines is the same or similar to that in which the employee formerly served, provided a vacancy exists and provided the employee is qualified.

Employees do not accrue sick leave while on a Leave of Absence Without Pay for Medical Disability.

Upon return to employment, accumulated sick leave days and seniority towards vacations benefits will be restored to the employee.

Except when an employee enters other paid employment during the leave, the employee on an approved medical or disability leave of absence will continue to be covered by the employer's group insurance program, to which the Board will continue to contribute. The employee may continue optional programs at his/her discretion and expense.

Adopted: 7-28-92
Revised: 3-26-96; 11-26-02; 5-27-08