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Mary Miller Scholarship

            The Mary Miller Scholarship      campus. She looked at young           student who is continuing his
        was established in honor of Miss     people with dreams who lacked         or her education to complete a
        Mary Miller, the fi rst President     dollars and older people with         four-year degree. The recipient
        of Danville Area Community           drive who lacked skills and saw       must have a 3.5 to 4.0 GPA, show
        College. Miss Miller was a woman     college graduates achieving           potential for leadership, display
        of unique talent and vision. She     personal and professional             good citizenship, be loyal to
        turned university over-crowding      success, contributing to the          American ideals, be considerate,
        into educational opportunities for   success of their community.           demonstrate a need to get along
        an entire community. She looked      Following Miss Miller’s vision,       with others, and have a desire to
        at post Civil War-era buildings      the Mary Miller Scholarship is        succeed.
        and saw a thriving college           given to a graduating DACC

                                         Degrees with Distinction

            Students who have a                  Students’ ability to be              Graduation dress for
        cumulative grade-point               recognized at the graduation          students graduating with honor is
        average of 4.000 graduate            ceremony is based on the              as follows: cum laude candidates
        summa cum laude; those with a        cumulative grade-point                wear a gold tassel; magna cum
        cumulative grade-point average       average calculated at the             laude candidates wear a gold
        of 3.750 through 3.999 graduate      end of the fall semester prior        tassel and a gold cord; summa
        magna cum laude; and those with      to the spring ceremony.               cum laude candidates wear a
        a cumulative grade-point average                                           gold tassel, a gold cord, and a
        of 3.500 through 3.749 graduate                                            medallion.
        cum laude.

                                       Degrees and Honors Key

                 AA - Associate in Arts                                      *    Denotes Cum Laude
                 AAS - Associate in Applied Science                          **  Denotes Magna Cum Laude
                 AES - Associate in Engineering Science                      *** Denotes Summa Cum Laude
                 AFA - Associate in Fine Arts
                 AFAED - Associate in Fine Arts in Art Art Education
                 AGS - Associate in General Studies
                 AS - Associate in Science

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