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The College Mace

        Beginning in 2019, the pomp          began using the mace as part          point. The top of the mace
        and ceremony of a Danville           of academic regalia in formal         incorporates a green glass ball
        Area Community College               ceremonies. The mace symbol-          representing the Green in the
        Commencement ceremony                izes the authority of the Board       school colors. The glass ball is
        included a procession led by a       of Trustees and the Offi  ce of the     surrounded by four pillars in
        faculty member carrying the          President of DACC, and it             the tower to signify strength and
        College Mace. The faculty have       represents the faculty’s consent      unity. The beautiful Hickory stain
        bestowed this honor on the faculty   in conferring degrees and             compliments the Green Glass ball
        member who was named “Faculty        certifi cates.                         and enhances the wood grain of
        of the Year.”                                                              the mace. The mace was sculpted
                                             The DACC mace was constructed         by Adam Musk, the husband of
        Although the mace served as a        out of solid hardwood poplar. It      Academic Adviser Amie Musk,
        weapon in medieval times, since      measures approximately 48 inches
        the 1500s, colleges and universities   in length and 5 inches at its widest

                          Danville Area Community College Mace

                                               The College Seal

        The Danville Area Community          class for Instructor Todd Flessner,   “Scholarship, Leadership, Citizen-
        College Seal dates back to DACC’s    fabricated the Seal on one of the     ship,” appears in raised lett ering
        fi rst president, Mary Miller, who    College’s new CNC machines. To        along each side. On the fl ip side of
        founded the College in 1946.         prepare the design for the CNC        the seal, the student engraved the
        President Miller conferred degrees   machine, the student created          ye ar of creation, 2018. The student
        with the Seal embossed just below    Vector art using AutoCAD based        asked to remain anonymous so
        the graduate’s name.                 on the photograph of the seal. The    that this gift to the College could
                                             cutt ing process for the Seal took    be representative of the skills
        The Seal is triangular and includes   approximately eight hours.           that “all students are capable of
        the College name along with torch                                          achieving with a DACC
        and quill-pen icons. The College     The solid-bronze Seal is four         education.”
        Mott o, “Scholarship, Leadership,    inches on each side and a quarter-
        Citizenship,” appears along each     of-an-inch thick. The quality and
        side.                                detail are exquisite. Each side of
                                             the triangle is four inches long
        Beginning in 2019, Commencement  with raised lett ering for the
        included a ceremonial Seal worn      College name along with
        by the College’s Executive Vice      meticulously etched torch and
        President Dave Kietz mann. Fall      quill-pen icons. The mott o,
        2018, a student in a manufacturing

                                           Danville Area Community College Seal

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