Page 5 - Commencement Program 2020
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The Charge of the

                            2020 DACC Graduate

         Half a semester, half a semester,    Would foresee the cataclysmic       Plunged into solitude,
         Half a semester onward.                 doom of COVID-19                 Our noble students fought
         Fall rolls into 2020                 Sweeping through every hill             through desolation and
         And a Winter of contentment,            and valley                           alienation,
         With the promise of a glorious       To lock out students and defer      Broke through the Blackboard
             Spring,                             their dreams.                        oblivion,
         For the studious,                                                        Uploading and downloading,
         Industrious,                         They traded their books for         Viewing videos,
         Illustrious                             masks and gloves,                Posting thoughts on threads,
         Students of DACC.                    Abandoning their friends for        Triumphing with each fi nal
                                                 social distancing.                   exam,
         Diplomas ahead of them,              Searching for WiFi and              And then exalting with great
         Quizzes and papers behind               hotspots and laptops,                relief and pride
             them,                            Laboring through Blackboard         As their fi nal grades shone
         Six Hundred Scholars charging           tutorials,                           brilliantly on Self-Service.
             into their fi nal DACC days,      To salvage those last precious
         “Forward, on track for May as           scraps of knowledge              DACC salutes the 2020 Grads,
             College Graduates”               And toil through their fi nal        Those who persevered against
         Toward the Celebrated                   assignments in obscurity.        Tremendous Odds and
             Occasion                                                                 Obstacles and Hurdles,
         And their Grand Plans,               Classes that had been so            To appear before you in this
         Earning their Laurels and               promising and lively                 video tribute
             Spoils and Gowns and                and fun,                         As students who endured like
             Tassels                          With dazzling live                      no other graduates
         Of a DACC Commencement.                 performances by those            In DACC’s storied history.
                                                 swashbuckling sages
         No one predicted how the             Were closed down and boarded        When can their glory fade?
             baleful cloud would                 up,                              O the magnifi cent ride to
             swoop in                         With master academicians and            Commencement they made!
         On the pandemic Ides of March.          their magical talents            Honor the charge they made!
         Not a single student or              Suddenly confi ned to a dismal       Honor the 2020 DACC
             professor or administrator,         square box.                          Graduates,
                                                                                     Noble six hundred!

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