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Honorary Degree

        As a former faculty member, coach,   In 24 years on the DACC Board of
        administrator, and Board member,     Trustees, Mr. Cheney has been a
        Dick Cheney has infl uenced DACC      guiding infl uence and advocate for
        in many ways, each of them adding    initiatives stretching from funding
        to its reputation as a premier       referendums to implementation of
        educational institution. Throughout   “green” sustainability programs.
        his 57-year association with the     His wisdom, experience, and history
        College, he has worked for or with   with DACC give him a distinctive
        every president in DACC’s history.   perspective on matt ers of budget
                                             and legislative relations. His fi ve
        He was one of the fi rst full-time    Trustee Education Awards from the
        faculty members to be hired by       ICCTA are indicative of his desire to
        pioneering President Mary Miller in   remain current with issues aff ecting
        1966 and the fi rst coach to bring a   the nation’s community colleges. His
        national tournament to the College   dedication knows no bounds.
        in 1971. He blazed a trail for others to

                                                Previous Honorary Degrees:
                 Richard Bates - 1964                 Vivian Schultz - 1972              Julius W. Hegeler II - 2018
                Dr. W. F. Finney - 1964              Mertin Hoskins - 1975               Dr. George Richards - 2019
               George Shackman - 1964                 Vickie Miller - 2017              Dr. Alice Marie Jacobs - 2019
                  Dale Foster - 1966                  Louis Mervis - 2017
                Annabelle Neel - 1966

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