Enrollment Verifications

Enrollment Verifications


Enrollment Verifications

Danville Area Community College is happy to provide verification of your enrollment to third parties. However, due to the sensitive and protected information, we will require your permission with a written request or you can request it through our online services at the Jaguar Spot.

Submit a Request Online through the Jaguar Spot:

Once you are logged in to the Jaguar Spot, Go to the STUDENTS Menu and follow the instructions below:

  • Under the “Academic Records” section of the Students Menu, click on the Enrollment Verification Request option.
  • Enter the Recipient (who you are sending the enrollment verification to)
  • The “Modifier” box will direct the verification to a specific person/department.
  • Enter the Address of the recipient.
  • Click on the SUBMIT button.
  • View the “Confirmation Form” which verifies that your request has been submitted.
  • Click on the OK button.

Please Note: Your student login and password serve as your electronic signature. There is no charge for an enrollment verification.

Submit a Request in Person, Mail, or FAX:
Students who do not wish to use our online method can submit a request in person through the Admissions & Records office. See the contact information below:

Danville Area Community College
Admissions & Records
Vermilion Hall
2000 East Main Street
Danville, Illinois 61832
Phone: (217) 443-8801
Fax: 217-443-8337