Post Registration Checklist

Post Registration Checklist


Bills & Schedules
Student account information is no longer mailed. Students are required to retrieve their schedules, bill statements, and grades by logging in and accessing their records on the Jaguar Spot.

Ways to Pay at DACC

1) Pay in full with cash, check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard);
2) Sign-up for the NBS Payment Plan at;
3) Apply for Financial Aid;
4) Academic or athletic scholarships;
5) Third-Party Payment…Where your employer or an agency (JTP, OARS, etc) will help pay for your tuition and fees. Please note: It is the student's responsibility to verify and finalize third-party payments and/or financial aid. Failure to finalize payment by the due date may result in your classes being dropped.


You should make sure that the Records Office (Vermilion Hall, 1st Floor) has a copy of your final high school transcript or GED scores. If you have attended another university, you should also have an academic transcript sent to the Records Office.


You may get your textbooks and lab manuals from the DACC Bookstore (Lincoln Hall, lower level) or visit our online bookstore at Bring a copy of your schedule to the bookstore so they can determine what textbooks you need. Your instructors will inform you of any additional materials needed in the classroom; and most of these items can be purchased at the bookstore. Authorizations for Financial Aid charges will be available toward the beginning of each semester. Note:You must have your DACC photo id with you to charge textbooks to Financial Aid.

How to Read Your Schedule

You will need to know which days your classes meet and where they are located. Your schedule indicates which day or days each class meets. The days of the week are abbreviated as follows:
(Note: "TTH" means Tuesday and Thursday.)

M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
TH = Thursday
F = Friday
S = Saturday
FS = Friday/Saturday
SS = Saturday/Sunday

The buildings have signs in front of each one indicating which building it is. Semester and student schedules utilize the following building name abbreviations:

BC = Bremer Conference Center
CH = Cannon Hall
CT = Clock Tower Center
LH = Lincoln Hall
MM = Mary Miller Center
OH = Ornamental Horticulture/Greenhouse
PH = Prairie Hall
TC = Technology Center
VH = Vermilion Hall
VM = Village Mall

If the room number starts with a Zero (0) = It is a basement classroom, One (1) = It is a first floor classroom, or Two (2) = It is a second floor classroom.

ID Cards

DACC is now issuing picture ID cards to better secure your records and our data-sensitive processes. You will need a DACC Picture ID Card before you visit the bookstore to purchase books, complete various business transaction (ex: dropping a class), check out books from the library, and obtain college student discounts. Pictures will be taken in the Information Office (Vermilion Hall). Picture times will be scheduled at various times to meet various schedule demands. Your first ID card is free; additional cards will cost $5.00. You must have your class schedule with you to get your first ID card.

Obtaining Your Student Network ID and PIN/Password

Your student network ID and password are very important. You must know them in order to log in to the Jaguar Spot, log in to the computers in the DACC computer labs with your own account; to check your DACC E-mail, which can be done via the web from on- or off-campus; to save and use files on the student file/web server; and to log in to your online courses (if you are enrolled in any). Using your PIN along with your student ID, you will also be able to use the Student Self Service Connection (student services via the web). Go to to obtain your ID and password.

Refund Policy

For Classes Meeting Twelve Weeks or Longer - If the withdrawal occurs during the first two weeks of classes, tuition and course fees paid or payable will be refunded.

For Classes Meeting Less than Twelve Weeks - If the withdrawal occurs during the first week of classes, tuition and course fees paid or payable will be refunded.


Withdrawal Policy

For classes that meet 5 weeks or longer, students may withdraw from a course up until the end of the week that 75% of the course has been completed (according to course start and end dates). For classes that meet 4 weeks or less, students may withdraw up until the Friday (or end of the week) prior to the end of the course. Since start/end dates vary, withdrawal dates will be posted every semester. It is the student's responsibility to know the dates. Withdrawal dates are posted on the DACC website at

Non-attendance does not constitute an official drop from your class. A grade of "F" will be assigned and calculated in the grade point average.

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For more DACC information: Catch us @ or (217) 443-DACC