Graduation Home

DACC requires students to “apply” to graduate for a certificate or degree. Current students, or students who have attended the college in the last year, should submit their Application to Graduate by following the instructions below.

Please note: It is never too late! DACC is always happy to affirm certificates and degrees. Many students even transfer credit hours back (from two-year or four-year colleges) to complete a certificate/degree that they started at DACC. If you have any questions, please call the Records Office (information listed below).

Process for Current or Recent Students

  1. Complete the paper graduation forms either by printing here, or coming to the Records Office in Vermilion Hall.

    1. Certificate Form
    2. Associate Degree Form

For ALL Applications to Graduate
Once your application is received, the Records Office will have the Advisement & Counseling Office review your progress toward the certificate and/or degree. DACC will send you an e-mail letting you know if you are on track to graduate or if you are still missing a requirement or two.

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
DACC Records Office
Vermilion Hall
2000 E. Main Street
Danville, IL 61832
Phone: 217-443-8797
Fax: 217-443-8337