How to Enroll

How to Enroll

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Welcome, Students

DACC can get your life on track.

For 70 years, Danville Area Community College has served residents throughout the region by providing affordable, quality education.

Whether you're just out of high school, thinking about a second career, improving your skills, or simply interested in taking a class, we have what you need at Danville Area Community College.

For recent high-school graduates: DACC faculty and staff are committed, first and foremost, to you as a learner. Respect for the individual is our hallmark. We feature small classes, lots of personal attention, and plenty of opportunities for success both in and out of the classroom. Our College offers myriad extracurricular activities to provide you with a complete college experience with a range of clubs, student government, and intramural and varsity athletics.

The College offers career programs and certifications leading directly to jobs in dozens of fields like nursing, allied-health professions, wind technology, advanced manufacturing, automotive, culinary, agriculture, and many more. If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree at DACC can launch you into a top university.

DACC has something for everyone.

We also provide training for employees in local businesses, personal-enrichment classes for adult learners, college-preparation classes, high-school equivalency, and a college for teens.

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and be your partner in achieving your educational goals.

DACC to your future.

Dr. Stephen Nacco
President, Danville Area Community College


Apply for Admission
All applicants who wish to enroll at Danville Area Community College must submit a completed Student Information form.  The completed form must be returned by mail, fax or in person to:  Admissions Office, Danville Area Community College, 2000 East Main Street, Martin Luther King Memorial Way, Danville, IL 61832-0861 or faxed to: (217)443-8337. Please note that our Nursing Degree and Radiologic Technology Degree programs require additional application steps. Please consult with your Academic Advisor/Counselor for further information.

Send Transcripts
Submit an official copy of your final high school transcripts or an official copy of the GED test results from the testing agency.  Student financial aid funds (for those eligible) will not be disbursed until one of the above documents is received. Official transcripts from colleges at which college-level credit was awarded must also be submitted.  Note: Transcripts are considered official when they are sent directly from the school to DACC or presented in a sealed envelope from the school.

Attend a New Student Orientation
Any new, transfer or returning students who has not attended DACC since Fall 2009 must complete an orientation either on campus or online. This session is designed to provide introduction to DACC, as well as pertinent information regarding academic programs, college policies, and student life.  Students can reserve a spot for a New Student Orientation by visiting the Information Office in Vermilion Hall or by calling (217) 443-8896.

Take Placement Assessment
All students pursuing a certificate or degree program at DACC, and/or students who are planning to enroll in a math, English, speech, social science, humanities, or physical science course are required to take the placement assessment.  The assessment will cover English, reading, and mathematics.  Students can usually sign up to take the placement assessment the same day as their New Student Orientation.  To reserve a spot for the assessment, visit the Testing & Academic Services Center in Cannon Hall or call (217) 443-8708.

Register for Classes
Students may register full-time (12 credit hours or more) by meeting with an academic advisor or counselor.  Appointments to see an academic advisor or counselor can be made by visiting the Counseling Department in the Lincoln Hall or by calling (217) 443-8750.  Students may register part-time (less than 12 credit hours) if they know which classes they need to take by visiting the Registration Office in the Vermilion Hall or by calling (217) 443-8800.

Directory Information:

Directory information which appears on this application includes: name, address, telephone number, date of birth, curriculum, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received and last educational institution attended.  Directory information will be released to any person who requests such, unless the student specifically prohibits such a release by notifying the Registration Office.  (Family Educational Rights and Policy Act of 1974 as Amended).

Services for Students with Disabilities: 

Danville Area Community College welcomes enrollment of students with disabilities.  The College fully supports the laws and regulations which protect students with disabilities.  The College can provide assistance to students who request special accommodations in advance through the Testing & Academic Services Center, Cannon Hall, telephone (217) 443-8708.