Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission, Vision, Core Values


Danville Area Community College is committed to providing quality, innovative, and accessible learning experiences which meet the lifelong academic, cultural and economic needs of our diverse communities and the world we share.

Vision Statement

Danville Area Community College will continue to be an active partner in building and maintaining the academic excellence and economic vitality of the communities it serves. This vision will be accomplished by:

  • Providing a friendly and dynamic environment in which to learn and grow;
  • Embracing the ever-changing world of technology;
  • Creating a learning culture where assessment of student academic achievement is valued across the institution, departments, and programs;
  • Offering an affordable and convenient education for students;
  • Promoting a global perspective of education;
  • Reflecting diversity and inclusiveness in our students, faculty, and staff;
  • Cultivating partnerships with the community to develop innovative and vital solutions to meet changing academic and economic needs;
  • Challenging students to explore their full potential through rigorous academics, diverse campus organizations, and innovative career experiences; and
  • Enhancing opportunities for student success through comprehensive support services.

Core Values


Trusting relationships and an ethical reputation with those we serve (students, faculty, employees, community, business, other educational institutions, government).

  • Being respectful
  • Being honest and sincere
  • Being fair and reasonable
  • Acting responsibly by meeting commitments and obligations
  • Remaining true to the academic disciplines


Consistently achieving exceptional results that delight those we serve.

  • Being accountable through the evaluation and adjustment of our services, processes and programs as needed to assure timeliness, quality, effectiveness, and financial stability
  • Providing superior learning experiences and services
  • Being learner focused to meet the needs of those we serve
  • Encouraging continuous improvement and lifelong learning, growth
  • Being innovative and proactive


Positive and productive relationships and environment for those we serve.

  • Openly exchanging thoughts, messages, information and ideas throughout our college and community
  • Fostering an environment of belonging, acceptance
  • Encouraging participation, involvement and collaboration
  • Demonstrating spirit, sound teamwork principles and practices
  • Empowering others by enabling them to make decisions, take actions that match their capabilities


Continuously meeting the changing needs of those we serve.

  • Providing relevant, meaningful educational services
  • Being flexible and willing to change
  • Developing and demonstrating the competencies, as well as versatility needed for continuing success
  • Anticipating and capitalizing on opportunities for growth, success
  • Taking appropriate risks that contribute to learning, growth, or ultimate success


Providing a safe and secure learning environment for the personal and intellectual growth of those we serve, preparing them to participate in an increasingly changing world.

  • Promoting and upholding our vision that all are treated with equality, fairness, dignity, and respect.
  • Delivering a curriculum and services which are inclusive of global considerations and which value the voices, experiences, and worth of a variety of cultural perspectives.
  • Fostering educational practices which support the learning styles of each unique human being.

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