Consumer/Student Information

Consumer/Student Information

General Information on Courses & Programs

Accreditation – Who is DACC Accredited by?

Career & Transfer Programs (Certificates and Associate Degrees):

Course Descriptions & Syllabi:

College Catalog:

Non-Discrimination Statement:

Job Placement Rates: (Occupational Follow-Up Study Report)

Tuition & Fees (Calculate Your Costs, How to Pay for College):

Policies & Procedures

Attendance and Leave of Absence

Complaint/Grievance: Student Handbook

Complaint Resolution Procedures: Student Handbook

Drop (Refund)/Withdrawal Policies:

Preventing Sexual Violence/Misconduct Policy & Procedures

School Refund Policy:

Student Code of Conduct: Student Handbook

Student’s Right to Privacy (FERPA):

Voter Registration Information (for Illinois & Indiana Residents): Student Handbook

General Student Disclosures & Student Outcomes

Student Right-to-Know Disclosure of Institutional for the General Student Body and Athletes – Graduation/Completion and Transfer-Out Rates:

Students Receiving Athletically-Related Aid

Equitable Athletics Disclosure Report for DACC & Other Colleges

Campus Crime & Safety Information

Anti-Harassment in Education: Student Handbook

Cyber-Bullying: Student Handbook

Sexual Harassment: Student Handbook

Campus Security Report (includes crime statistics for main campus and extension sites):

Emergency Text/E-mail Sign-Up (for Students, Faculty/Staff):

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Drug Free Learning Environment/Policy on Alcohol & Drugs: Student Handbook

Financial Aid (Student Aid, Loan Counseling & Private Loan Information)

DACC Financial Aid:

Loan Information & Counseling:


Copyright & Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Textbook Information

DACC Bookstore Weblink:

Textbook Information for Current and/or Upcoming Semester:

Designated Officials for Students & Public to Contact

For assistance with the informatio above, the personnel below have been identified as persons to assist stakeholders in obtaining information on the school, financial assistance, graduation and completion rates, security policies, and crime statistics:

Job Title Name Phone Office Location
Vice President of Student Services Stacey Ehmen 217-443-8746 Lincoln Hall, Room 108
Director of Admissions & Records/Registrar Timothy Morgan 217-443-8803

Vermilion Hall, Room 108

Director of Financial Aid Janet Ingargiola 217-443-8760 Vermilion Hall, Room 111
Vice President of Operations/Secretary to Board Kerri Thurman 217-443-8850 Vermilion Hall, Room 202
Executive Director of College Relations Lara Conklin 217-443-8798 Vermilion Hall, Room 210
Executive Director of Institutional Effectivness Robert Mattson
Cannon Hall, Room 121
Safety & Security Supervisor Greg Fegett 217-443-8888 Lincoln Hall, Room 007
Vice President for Administrative Services Mike Cunningham 217-443-8831 Vermilion Hall, Room 116
Vice President for Human Resources/Title IX Coordinator/Affirmative Action Officer Jill Cranmore 217-443-8756 Vermilion Hall, Room 217


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