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Consumer/Student Information

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DACC Campus Security (Lincoln Hall, Lower-level), 217-443-8888 The Safety and Security Officer is responsible for taking the necessary steps in promoting and maintaining a safe environment for Danville Area Community College

  • Provide safety and security through parking and traffic enforcement and routine patrol.
  • Monitor and maintain security surveillance systems on campus.
  • Conduct safety drills.
  • Investigate incidents on campus and work with local law enforcement to resolve matters of criminal nature.
  • Investigate complaints from students and visitors of incidents occurring on campus and relay pertinent information through proper administration.
  • Work with alarm monitoring company and fire safety system providers to ensure system safety checks are current.
  • Enforce Parking Rules and Regulations (Parking Rules)
  • Provide security for events on campus:

    • Basketball Games
    • Campus and Community Events
  • Provide customer service and assistance to staff, students, and visitors with vehicle problems.

    • Jump Start Cars
    • Provide Lock-Out assistance
    • Assist with flat tires

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Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Drug Free Learning Environment/Policy on Alcohol & Drugs: Student Handbook

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