College Cabinet

College Cabinet

President: Dr. Stephen Nacco
Executive Vice President: Dave Kietzmann

Vice President, Student Services: Stacy Ehmen
Vice President, Administrative Services: Mike Cunningham
Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer: Tammy Betancourt
Vice President, Human Resources: Jill Cranmore
Vice President, Operations and Board Secretary: Kerri Thurman

Chief Diversity Officer (and Assistant VP): Carla Boyd

Executive Director, College Relations: Lara Conklin
Executive Director, American Job Center (and Assistant VP): Brian Hensgen
Executive Director, DACC Foundation: Tonya Hill

Dean, Mathematics, Sciences, and Health Sciences: Kathy Sturgeon
Dean, Adult Education & Middle College: Laura Williams
Dean, Business & Technology: Terri Cummings
Dean, Liberal Arts, Library, and Academic Assessment: Dr. Penny McConnell

Governance Co-chair (and ATD Coordinator): Shanay Wright
Governance Co-chair (and CQI Coordinator): Ryan Wyckoff

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