Reaccreditation Timeline

Reaccreditation Timeline

July 2016
Leadership Team formed and met to review criteria and core components.  Areas of greatest concern were determined.  Compiled initial evidence list.

October 2016
Blackboard shell created to serve as repository for evidence collection and management.
Fall In-Service:  Work Sessions for Criteria and Core Components (Assessment).

January 2017
First organizational meeting of the full Steering Committee (Leadership Team and Criteria Co-chairs)
Dialogue about process, review criteria, develop operating procedures, clarify charge and roles.
Spring In-Service:  Begin reviewing college mission documents.

February 2017
Full Steering Committee identified survey questions from each criterion to be administered for further evidence collection.

Spring 2017
Steering Committee met to discuss progress.
Reviewed Achieving the Dream survey items.

April 2017
Pathways Workshop
Leadership Team attended HLC Annual Conference (Chicago)

Fall 2017
Subcommittee evidence collection continued.
Conducted Steering Committee meetings to review questions and share updates of committee work.

January 2018
Spring In-Service:  Mission documents survey administered.

Spring 2018
Subcommittees met regularly to work on evidence collection.
Monthly steering meetings continued.

April 2018
Pathways Workshop
Leadership Team attended HLC Annual Conference (Chicago)

April - May 2018
Cover sheets and evidence files were compiled.

Summer 2018
Reviewed evidence and identified potential gaps.
Assurance Argument outlined.

October 2018
Criteria Co-Chairs and sub-teams review draft outlines for each of the five criteria.
Leadership Team reviews and provides feedback.
Prepare for Third Party comments.

November 2018
Criteria 1 and 2 drafts shared with Leadership Team for review and feedback.

November/December 2018
Additional evidence collected.

December 2018
Assurance Argument draft submitted to Board.

Early January 2019
Criteria 3 and 4 drafts shared with Leadership Team for review and feedback.

January 2019
Review Assurance Argument at In-Service.
Enhance college-wide awareness and launch preparations for the visit.
Share Assurance Argument with Board of Trustees.

January - February 2019
Make campus resource room preparations.

February 2019
Assurance Argument uploaded and locked on HLC server.
Make final visit arrangements.

March 4-5, 2019
Higher Learning Commission Visit.