Members of the Tobacco Free Task Force

Members of the Tobacco Free Task Force

Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative

Members of the Tobacco Free Task Force:

Debbie Knight, Controller
Mike Cunningham, Director of Administrative Services
Cindy Peck, Coordinator of Recruitment and Student Engagement
Lara Conklin, Director of Marketing
Stacy Ehmen, Director of Enrollment Services and Registrar
Sheila Walter, Office Specialist, Registration
Bruce Rape, Dean, Business and Technology Division
Penny McConnell, Dean, Liberal Arts and Library Sciences
Candace McNeal, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Jason Asaad, Program Specialist for the TRiO Student Support Services
Darin Haynes, Building Services Attendant
Maurice Miller, Instructor, Liberal Arts
Tammy Howard, Clinical Coordinator, Radiologic Technology
Ann Lilley, Administrative Assistant, Adult Education
Robbie Carter, DACC student

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