Peer Tutoring Lab

Peer Tutoring Lab

Room 113, Cannon Hall

The SSC Peer Tutoring Lab is open to all DACC students.

Peer Tutoring is offered in development and basic-level courses of Math, Science, and English, Psychology, and Computer Business.

Peer Tutors are also equipped to help students with skills and practice for Studying, Organization, Time Management, Test-Taking, and Note-Taking.

The Peer Tutoring Lab is located in the Student Success Center, Cannon Hall Room 113.

Peer Tutoring is available for walk-in students. No appointments are needed.

Courses tutored include:

  • DEVR 098/099
  • DEVE 098/099
  • DEVM 098/099/100
  • MATH 101
  • MATH 105
  • MATH 115
  • CBUS 150
  • BIOL 100 & 102
  • Psychology 100

Peer Tutoring begins the second week of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Daily Hours
Tues: 10am-3pm
Wed: 10am-3pm
Thurs: 10am-3pm

Stop by Cannon Hall
Room 113

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