Achieving the Dream: Values

Achieving the Dream: Values

Achieving the Dream

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ATD Values

Achieving the Dream was founded upon three values which continue to guide every aspect of Achieving the Dream, Inc., including all external programming and internal operations.

1. Student-Centered Vision: Helping all students – particularly low-income students and students of color - achieve their educational and career goals is the “north star” that guides Achieving the Dream. Student involvement is essential to ensure that Achieving the Dream’s mission and methods match community college students’ needs.

2. Equity and Excellence: Achieving the Dream is dedicated to excellent education for all. Closing achievement gaps while improving all student outcomes is the mission, and the Achieving the Dream Equity Resource Center (ERC) contains tools and resources to help make that mission a reality.

3. Culture of Inquiry, Evidence, and Accountability: A hallmark of Achieving the Dream is the commitment to evidence-based decision-making. The Achieving the Dream network uses quantitative and qualitative data stimulate reflection and discussion, and inform decisions in the quest for better student outcomes.


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